Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – V ½

What’s next?

Having made orange cake and used orange marmalade as an ingredient, I realized that I have some grape syrup that I made last fall. It was supposed to be grape jelly, but I didn’t use enough pectin, so it’s runny syrup that isn’t really good for anything, although it’s not bad on waffles.

Why not a grape cake? I’ve never heard of it, but it seems reasonable. This has the downside of creating a recipe with an impossible to find ingredient, but the upside of getting that stuff out of my refrigerator.

A friend thought it would be too intense – like eating a jar of jelly. While I’m not sure that I agree, it’s not an unreasonable argument. Perhaps a peanut butter and jelly cake? Two peanut layers with a grape layer between. That seems like a bit much, even to me. So, how about two white cake layers with a half-height grape layer between and peanut butter frosting? I have a goal – and a name (despite the potential trademark violation): Wonder PB&J cake.

Getting to there from here will require a white cake recipe. Grandma has a “Snow Cake” recipe that looks as if it will do nicely, but given the orange cake travails, it seems wise to make that on its own first. Then there is the issue of converting the orange cake recipe, which relies upon the orange rind for most of its flavor, to grape. And finally there is the peanut butter frosting, which neither grandma nor ma have, but allrecipes (dot com) has several.

Next up: Snow Cake with Fluffy Peanut Butter Frosting – once the orange cake is consumed, which will probably be on, or before, Tuesday. It’s Sunday as I write this, so Happy Easter!

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