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American Pie

I stumbled on a great remake/cover: From a commentor on the original at Neo. As long as I’m making a music post, there are some covers that are the definitive best. Pentatonix Hallelujah is one of those.

Alpha Unit – Breezeway

“Unit A” became “Unit Alpha” has become “Alpha Unit”. I’m working on a unit patch, but I suck at digital art, so it’s taking a while. Meanwhile, the breezeway is the next remodeling target. It’s an odd space. It’s the entrance to the house with the screen door a mere 12 feet from the actualContinue reading “Alpha Unit – Breezeway”

Splicing LED Strips

I ordered yet another set of these. This time Bluetooth LED Lights Strips 32.8ft with APP Control, Music Sync Waterproof Flexible RGB Color Changing LED Strips Lights for Bedroom Room,LED Neon Tap. I knew I didn’t want Bluetooth, but that is much cheaper than WiFi and I really wanted the “waterproof” strips to splice intoContinue reading “Splicing LED Strips”

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