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Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXVII

Chocolate Baguette with Lemon “Why on Earth?” is a fair question. I’ve been experimenting with baguettes. Brian Lagerstrom is my inspiration for that: I’ve not had good luck. I don’t get much rise in the oven. I believe this is due to the last rise and slicing the top. I will probably never find out…

A Simple Internet Trick

I haven’t posted for a while and I’ve been meaning to dig this out, so two birds, one stone: The BEST internet trick for keeping your stove clean: It’s hard to believe, but the same trick works for anything!

Is He Still a “Local Artist”?

Now that we are (finally) moving in, art is being hung. That print is one of my favorites. The picture was taken by a friend. When I saw it on Facebook, I jokingly asked, “can I get an eight-foot wide print?” Turns out, the answer was “yes”. This is it in the Denver living room…