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Zoo & Book Up

Wow. That was harder than Cassandra and I still haven’t started on Pulsar. A few notes: ZooKeeper needs persistent volumes. BookKeeper expects some metadata to be there. If you don’t persist it, you end up with race conditions when they start (as each one tries to bootstrap the metadata). Get the right image from dockerhub.Continue reading “Zoo & Book Up”

Distributed Systems & Failure

I have a three node Cassandra cluster running. It’s three containers on one virtual machine. Pulsar is next. I decided on a new virtual machine from the same base image the Cassandra one started from. That way, it’s free of any “Cassandra pollution”. And I have been taking notes, so I know what I didContinue reading “Distributed Systems & Failure”

Cassandra Up

I’ve always thought “Cassandra” was a particularly ill-omened name, so I went with the picture, not the logo. Subtitle: How did I function before the Internet? It was a bit painful, but I did it. A three node Cassandra cluster configured in docker-compose inside a CentOS VM running on Windows 10. The volume configuration isContinue reading “Cassandra Up”