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Cool Tat’

“Things found while looking for something else entirely” needs to be a category. “Serendipity” perhaps?

Pork Chops

This was supposed to be a garage post with a pork chop aside. Instead, it’s the other way around because I’m not confident the garage floor is dry enough to paint, so there’s not much to say on that front. The original plan was to put down the floor coating (it’s not exactly paint) whileContinue reading “Pork Chops”


The toothed cats, not the stabby things. Rapid City has a hockey team; two actually. We went to the Sabres vs Hawks game on Saturday evening. It was fun. I’d rate it more fun than an Avalanche game at Pepsi Center – although there was that one time… Glass tickets are certainly more affordable. IContinue reading “Sabres”

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