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American Pie

I stumbled on a great remake/cover: From a commentor on the original at Neo. As long as I’m making a music post, there are some covers that are the definitive best. Pentatonix Hallelujah is one of those.

Alpha Unit – Breezeway

“Unit A” became “Unit Alpha” has become “Alpha Unit”. I’m working on a unit patch, but I suck at digital art, so it’s taking a while. Meanwhile, the breezeway is the next remodeling target. It’s an odd space. It’s the entrance to the house with the screen door a mere 12 feet from the actualContinue reading “Alpha Unit – Breezeway”

Splicing LED Strips

I ordered yet another set of these. This time Bluetooth LED Lights Strips 32.8ft with APP Control, Music Sync Waterproof Flexible RGB Color Changing LED Strips Lights for Bedroom Room,LED Neon Tap. I knew I didn’t want Bluetooth, but that is much cheaper than WiFi and I really wanted the “waterproof” strips to splice intoContinue reading “Splicing LED Strips”

Dan Vasc

Wow. He’s got his own site, but I found him YouTube. I never thought anyone could do a more impressive Sounds of Silence than Disturbed. I was wrong.

Dinosaur Park

It’s an interesting WPA project on a hill in the middle of town. You cannot go through this hill; you must go around. This leads to a number of strange routes from “here” to “there”. The view from the top is panoramic: The view looking the other way is much the same, the hill beingContinue reading “Dinosaur Park”

Garage Victory!

At least I’m so declaring. The LED saga continues and the $1000 floor is not all that I would have hoped for that price, but it is ready for use. Judge for yourself. Before and After: It still needs a new door (steel frame, big smoked glass window, keypad entry), a new overhead door (insulated,Continue reading “Garage Victory!”

LED Strips

There must be a “all you need to know” guide out there somewhere. Heck, even Rule 34 postings might be helpful at this point. The biggest problem is that none of this stuff seems to have names or product standards. It’s all just word-salad badly translated from Chinese. I ordered two different products, on purpose,Continue reading “LED Strips”

Smoked Meatloaf

I normally think that I have attention focus disorder, but I’ve begun to wonder… I have PiHole installed, so I removed Ad Blocker Plus. This resulted in ads showing up again, which I particularly noticed while finding a smoked meatloaf recipe. I ended up going with one from Smoked Meat Sundays, which is littered withContinue reading “Smoked Meatloaf”

Could it be him?

I can’t rule out that this is the Jeff Raymond I once knew. From Behind the Black:


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