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Zoo & Book Up

Wow. That was harder than Cassandra and I still haven’t started on Pulsar. A few notes: ZooKeeper needs persistent volumes. BookKeeper expects some metadata to be there. If you don’t persist it, you end up with race conditions when they start (as each one tries to bootstrap the metadata). Get the right image from dockerhub.Continue reading “Zoo & Book Up”

Cassandra Up

I’ve always thought “Cassandra” was a particularly ill-omened name, so I went with the picture, not the logo. Subtitle: How did I function before the Internet? It was a bit painful, but I did it. A three node Cassandra cluster configured in docker-compose inside a CentOS VM running on Windows 10. The volume configuration isContinue reading “Cassandra Up”


Want to guess where the HOA boundary ends? To be fair, I also have a beige house.

O Deer

I knew I should have bought a K-bar when they were on sale at Amazon. But, no, I think to myself, I think, “whatever would I use it for?”

Insanity – In Space

Space (!) published an article about NASA’s DART mission by Meghan Bartels. It starts off fine, with a description of the mission and its historic first-ness. The factual section ends with: It’s just one rock, just a small change. Just to reduce the odds that we humans go the way of the dinosaurs. But DART’sContinue reading “Insanity – In Space”

Too Much Music

Years ago, The Laird ripped all of our CDs to a NAS. Then we rearranged the computers and I never got around to getting the NAS hooked up. After the move, I did, although it took more effort than expected: I had lost the power supply, but Chris’s found one for me. It’s running anContinue reading “Too Much Music”


The old computer had no USB-C port and didn’t have the gumption to do VR, anyway. I’ve got both Oculus and Steam up and running. The USB-C cable that comes with the Oculus is WAY too short. I’ll look for one when I go looking for mono-to-RCA cables and a UPS at Chris’s (support localContinue reading “VR Up”

Trench First

I highly recommend getting any desired trenching work done before doing anything else to one’s yard. We’re getting our power lines buried because we want a second floor deck. As the power lines exist, they would either take off your head or electrocute you when you walked across the deck. The trench was dug, conduitContinue reading “Trench First”

Kantai Kessen

A brilliant (if one believes it) analysis of the 2020 election and aftermath: The Left attempted decisive victory (“Kantai Kessen” is approximately “Decisive Victory Doctrine”) and instead got a Pyrrhic victory (if you don’t know the origin of that phrase, follow the link; it’s interesting). It’s one of those articles that seems so reasonable thatContinue reading “Kantai Kessen”


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