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gogs up

gogs is a “GO Git Server” that (supposedly) runs just about anywhere. It runs fine here. I wanted source control locally, and a bit more “control” than just a git init local directory. There were a few issues: I wanted the repository directory to be on a guest/host shared directory/folder (so Windows backups would getContinue reading “gogs up”

Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch

Another Bread I get side-tracked on recipe sites. After finding Brown-eyed Baker, I was looking around and found a bread recipe. I still looking for something reliable and fluffy. (It can’t be me, right?) I’ll probably try it, tomorrow, but now it’s permanently linked, in case I don’t get to bread.

Computer Speakers

Those count, right? Very non-stereo, but there is no room on the right side of my desk for one of those. There will be upstairs – I’m building it into the desk space; they’ll hang on each side of the monitor. As always, it was an adventure with a simple solution. Why do they alwaysContinue reading “Computer Speakers”

Logstash Up

This is getting easier. Logstash is running and so is the Prometheus exporter for it. Kibana, on the other hand, is a nightmare. I can’t get it do anything other than spew security warnings. I made them go away – by adding “basic security” to Elasticsearch and Kibana – and it broke all the logstashes.Continue reading “Logstash Up”


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