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“Things found while looking for something else entirely” needs to be a category. “Serendipity” perhaps?

Pork Chops

This was supposed to be a garage post with a pork chop aside. Instead, it’s the other way around because I’m not confident the garage floor is dry enough to paint, so there’s not much to say on that front. The original plan was to put down the floor coating (it’s not exactly paint) whileContinue reading “Pork Chops”


The toothed cats, not the stabby things. Rapid City has a hockey team; two actually. We went to the Sabres vs Hawks game on Saturday evening. It was fun. I’d rate it more fun than an Avalanche game at Pepsi Center – although there was that one time… Glass tickets are certainly more affordable. IContinue reading “Sabres”

Barbie Vac is Back!

I found the Barbie Vac when we were packing and I just tossed it into the moving pile. I’m not a big fan of cleaning the cleaning equipment – vacuuming the vacuum or washing the washer; that sort of thing. We have a use for it, so I cleaned it out (and ordered bags). I’mContinue reading “Barbie Vac is Back!”

Mission Accomplished

The Denver house is done. It was a brilliant example of “laws are for the little guys”. I was lied to – in contracts – throughout the entire process and no one will pay for it. But, I walked away with a reasonable amount of money and it’s finally over. Thy will be done. I’mContinue reading “Mission Accomplished”

No More 100 Watt Nostalgia

It’s about time! LEDs have finally broken the 100 watt light bulb nostalgia barrier. The lights over the workbench are, quite literally, brighter than the sun. You can see shadows in sunlight coming in the window. I said, “Blinding, brilliant, glossy, high-tech lab white”. Six gallons of Velspar Base 2 later, that has been achieved.Continue reading “No More 100 Watt Nostalgia”

What’s Substack?

I just stumbled on an interesting post – Dumb and Dumber No 5 – by C. Bradley Thompson. I want to check out both him and Substack, but not right now (note the time – I’m at work).


The garage project was patching the crumbling brick near the floor on one wall. It was half tuck-pointing, half stuccoing. Quickcrete sells (via Knecht Ace [corporate really needs to work on that site]) handy little buckets of mortar. Since I didn’t expect to be mortaring ever again, all my equipment is in the Denver landfill,Continue reading “Restoration”

Unit Alpha – Garage 1

The Laird decided upon the “Unit Alpha” terminology. I agree that it is much superior to “Apt. A” or “Unit A”. Due to the lack of contractor availability, I’m playing contractor, yet again. I decided to start with the garage – how hard can that be, right? Let’s start with the tennis ball. It’s importantContinue reading “Unit Alpha – Garage 1”


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