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And One to Grow On

The Laird got me 24 roses for our 23rd anniversary. He’s the romantical one. We went out for dinner at Prive (with an accent, because every marketing director wants one to misspell the name of his restaurant). We had a Mushroom Avignon (whatever that is) as an appetizer. It was excellent, although the sauce didContinue reading “And One to Grow On”

BCM8450UC Travails

I have a very simple question: I plug in the coffee maker and instead of turning on, a light flashes. What does that mean? Apparently, not even the Internet knows. I didn’t buy it through Amazon, but this is the machine. I’m not quite ready to blame the seller, Fischer Furniture, but the time isContinue reading “BCM8450UC Travails”

Kitchen Final Walk-Through

It’s not quite done, so the “after” pictures are named “SemiAfter”, but the main contractor is doing a final walk through, today (Wed, 3 Aug). Here’s what they’ve done: Clearly not finished, but everything works!

A Dock with a View

We visited my sister (and family). The “why” will get another post, but I wanted to share another view that I do not have next to the office window post. The view from her dock: That’s only half the panorama. This is the view I grew up with. I miss the lake. This was takenContinue reading “A Dock with a View”

Denver Visit

Catching up on many missed posting days… I went back to Denver for work (way back during the last week of June). It was a very productive trip – and I got to eat much good food. Not quite what I see sitting at my desk (there is more sky since I’m sitting), but thisContinue reading “Denver Visit”

Every Eatery

I have a new goal: Eat at every eatery in Rapid City. That would be impossible in Denver, but I think it might be doable, here. This first post is backfill. Perkins There is a Perkins a few blocks from our house, so we have brunch there, occasionally. It’s just dandy – like every otherContinue reading “Every Eatery”


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