“Can” is a Tricky Word

The blog title implies a certain amount of copyediting. So, let’s take a look at something from a Behind the Black post about the crashing Chinese booster: The issue here is not the danger, but China‚Äôs gross negligence and violation of its treaty obligations in launching this rocket knowing the core stage was going toContinue reading ““Can” is a Tricky Word”

Getting Ready 2 Move -3

Yesterday, I went through the bar. Two boxes packed, two trash bags full of junk, and some strange leftovers: Why did we have sealing ceramic canisters in the cupboard behind the bar? The chafing dishes were not surprising – but do I want to keep them? Do I really need three chafing dishes? Granted, theyContinue reading “Getting Ready 2 Move -3”

Gardening 2

Let’s call the Seeds Arrived post “Gardening 1” and press on. I realized that I should be taking more garden pictures because the spring bulbs will not be visible to the new owners and it will be helpful for them to know what is where. This is the front on 05 April: Unfortunately, I waitedContinue reading “Gardening 2”

Getting Ready 2 Move – 1

I doubt (very, very much) that anyone cares, but posting about it gives me an incentive to do something every day. Today’s completed task: Get boxes. We bought the U-Haul 4+ bedroom master Pak moving kit. It’s expensive, but it’s a lot of stuff and one can return what is not used. Tomorrow’s goals: FixContinue reading “Getting Ready 2 Move – 1”

Grandma’s Bowls

Being up unexpectedly early, I thought I would play around with Python and Pulsar, but apparently I need more coffee for that. Instead, I’ll tell another equipment story… First, this is a different grandmother: Rita not Erna (terminology aside, they were sisters). Throughout several years of grade school, Rita made bread for my peanut butterContinue reading “Grandma’s Bowls”

The KitchenAid from G*d

I mentioned earlier that I would tell this story. Now seems like a fine time since I’m waiting for bread to rise before starting yardwork – and getting dirt under my fingernails. I suppose it wouldn’t really matter since I’m not going to be touching it, again. However, I try to avoid multitasking when makingContinue reading “The KitchenAid from G*d”


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