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The King Needs Contractors

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wallHumpty Dumpty had a great fallAll the King’s horses and all the King’s menCouldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again. Leaving aside “who thought the horses would be helpful?”, the King needed some contractors amongst his retainers. The upstairs is coming back together better, stronger, and, um, slicker than before. WeContinue reading “The King Needs Contractors”


An addition to the litany of ways our government is woefully behind the times… I’m looking into the record of my senators. Senator Thune’s website is quite helpful. What I discovered there is not. Here is some text from a linked bill (reformatted a bit, since PDF hates copy/paste): To modify conditions of funding forContinue reading “Hyperlinks”


This costume came up in conversation and I realized that I had only one copy of the picture and it was on my work computer. Now it’s eternal on the Intertubes! And you can’t even see the cool hoof shoes (aka pony boots) that I’m wearing. Those things are a nightmare to walk in –Continue reading “Halloween!”

Metal Tango

I’m looking for some metal-styled tango music. Unfortunately, there is an actual piece called “Metal Tango” – and another “Heavy Tango” – that skews the search results. I haven’t found “the” one, yet, but here are some interesting ones: The third track, if it doesn’t start there. A bit bland, but non-traditional and one wouldn’tContinue reading “Metal Tango”

Swing Moves

“Swing” is a very ambiguous term. Leaving that aside, I want to learn more moves. I’ve tasked The Laird with picking some out. I found this YouTube video: Clearly that goes too fast to learn much (anything?) from it. “It would be nice,” I thought to myself, I thought, “if there were a way toContinue reading “Swing Moves”

Fenris, Chained

Fenris is now chained. He cannot access the Internet, but he can still vacuum. The picture is the Blockly logic for clicking on his icon and toggling his state.

Fiat Lux!

My first home automation script worked! On Saturday, I wrote an “at 0600 on weekdays, turn on the lights” script. On Sunday, nothing happened. On Monday, the lights turned on! The script:

Entrapment Most Fowl

I’m fine, but the rubber ducks are not faring as well. It’s a good thing they do not have viscera.

Me Casa es Su Kasa

My goodness but [expletives deleted] lightbulbs are snoopy! The Kasa “smart” lightbulbs want to know everything about you to upload into the Kasa cloud app, which of course requires setting up an account. Want to guess my password? Hint: It’s the title of this post. Thankfully, once you get them WiFi-ed, you don’t need useContinue reading “Me Casa es Su Kasa”


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