Getting Ready 2 Move -3

Yesterday, I went through the bar. Two boxes packed, two trash bags full of junk, and some strange leftovers: Why did we have sealing ceramic canisters in the cupboard behind the bar? The chafing dishes were not surprising – but do I want to keep them? Do I really need three chafing dishes? Granted, they are small, medium, and large, but three? I think the large one will go to Goodwill.

A drawer with pool table supplies and another with keg fridge supplies are left. Hopefully, the buyer will want both.

Today went off the rails from the start – I slept late and had a lunch appointment. I made up some of the work time and will get the rest as the week progresses. The moving task was sort through another room. Packed two boxes of heavy clothes intermingled with dishes and towels so the boxes didn’t weigh a ton. That room is half done and one of the credenza’s contents is half packed, which leaves one and a half credenzas and the china cabinet to go for dish storage – before even getting to the kitchen.

Discovery of the day: I think we have enough cloth that we do not need packing material. Cloth napkins, tablecloths, table runners, placemats, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and t-shirts make excellent packing material. It will be a bit confusing on the unpacking side, though.

Tomorrow the real-estate agent shows up. I hope his to-do list is at least congruent with my own. (Next weekend: a new bathroom window!)

One timing complication: I want good pictures of every room – both for listing and for my own memories – before packing up anything that makes a noticeable difference in how the room looks. “Borrow better-than-cellphone camera” is on the list; I’m hoping to get the owner as photographer, not just the camera.

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