Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XIV

Still on intermission, but I just read a post about einkorn cookies at According To Hoyt. I had never heard of “einkorn” and I don’t want to lose the recipe, so copying it here. Einkorn Thumbprint Cookies From: Dorothy Grant 1 stick butter1/4 cup sugar (52 grams)1 egg yolk1.5 teaspoons lemon juice1.25 cups all-purpose einkornContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XIV”

“Can” is a Tricky Word

The blog title implies a certain amount of copyediting. So, let’s take a look at something from a Behind the Black post about the crashing Chinese booster: The issue here is not the danger, but China‚Äôs gross negligence and violation of its treaty obligations in launching this rocket knowing the core stage was going toContinue reading ““Can” is a Tricky Word”

Grandma’s Bowls

Being up unexpectedly early, I thought I would play around with Python and Pulsar, but apparently I need more coffee for that. Instead, I’ll tell another equipment story… First, this is a different grandmother: Rita not Erna (terminology aside, they were sisters). Throughout several years of grade school, Rita made bread for my peanut butterContinue reading “Grandma’s Bowls”