External Validation Gets Out-of-Hand

When the need for external validation gets out of hand, one ends up with Pride Month – note how “gay” has been dropped. What does “Pride Month” even mean? Heteronormativity is a thing (it even spell-checks!). That dreadful Miller advertisement is proof enough. However, it should be a thing because hetero is normal. I’ve alwaysContinue reading “External Validation Gets Out-of-Hand”

Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXVIII

Croquembouche It’s not quite as ambitious as it may seem. I’ve made both cream puffs and eclairs without posting anything about it. I was inspired by the Jamie and Julia effort: Erin’s pate a choux was a great learning experience: But I like Helen’s recipe better because it includes the filling: The recipe doesn’t seemContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXVIII”

Penultimate Remodeling Task

That’s not what I expected, but we interior design by whim – and you must admit that “whimsical” is an applicable, if not exclusive, adjective. To begin at the beginning, the laundry room is not accessible from inside – neither from upstairs nor downstairs. Going outside to do laundry is inconvenient. The “I’m not doingContinue reading “Penultimate Remodeling Task”

Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXVII

Chocolate Baguette with Lemon “Why on Earth?” is a fair question. I’ve been experimenting with baguettes. Brian Lagerstrom is my inspiration for that: I’ve not had good luck. I don’t get much rise in the oven. I believe this is due to the last rise and slicing the top. I will probably never find outContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXVII”