Grandma’s Bowls – Back in Rapid City

Seems as good a place to post the update as any other… Grandma’s Bowls are back in Rapid City – along with us, of course. The two that have seedlings in them in the picture at the linked post had full grown, harvestable dill and parsley in them before we left Denver. However, I had made a command decision: After two 16-foot Budget (U-Haul sucked; different post) truckloads, whatever didn’t fit in the pickup got left behind. Unfortunately, that included all the plants, but not these bowls! The plant and dirt were dumped out and the bowls packed in a box.

We’re moved into the lower unit and it’s comfy enough. At 800 square feet, I thought it would be cramped, but it seems fine. Granted we’re only on week two, but we’re as unpacked as we’re going to get before moving upstairs.

Bread rose in the largest bowl just fine. The top arch of the loaf collapsed a bit, just as it did in Denver, so I’m thinking that’s me, not the altitude.

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