No More 100 Watt Nostalgia

It’s about time! LEDs have finally broken the 100 watt light bulb nostalgia barrier. The lights over the workbench are, quite literally, brighter than the sun. You can see shadows in sunlight coming in the window.

I said, “Blinding, brilliant, glossy, high-tech lab white”. Six gallons of Velspar Base 2 later, that has been achieved. One more gallon after all the trim is painted to cover any drips and put a final coat on the rest of it. Hopefully, Lowes will have restocked it by the time we make it over there, Thursday evening.

I said, “Lots and lots of bright lights.” Do five count as “lots”? They’re certainly bright. They are outdoor security lights. But, yay LEDs!, you can put them inside because they don’t throw heat. There’s a slight delay when one flips the switch, but even with only the three-head fixture installed, the light is very bright. I normally dislike indoor light over 3000K, but I’ve got these cranked up way past “yellow dwarf” to “blue giant” 4000K. They’re adjustable; how cool is that?

The two-head fixture will be directly lighting the work area. It will be much easier to get all the trim painted before installing that one. One more coat of gloss black should do it. The blue painters tape is making re-think the “not Kobalt blue” decision. On the other hand, there is no red, yet, so the “Craftsman Nostalgia” decision is not final. The Laird thinks just the black is sufficient. We’ll see once the tape comes off and I add another 1800 Lumens.

Wednesday is “bite the bullet and order some LED strips from Amazon” day. That should be an adventure – this weekend probably (yay Prime!).

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