Smoked Meatloaf

I normally think that I have attention focus disorder, but I’ve begun to wonder…

I have PiHole installed, so I removed Ad Blocker Plus. This resulted in ads showing up again, which I particularly noticed while finding a smoked meatloaf recipe. I ended up going with one from Smoked Meat Sundays, which is littered with advertisements – all of which are animated with audio. What do low-bandwidth people do? I spent some time looking at what got through PiHole and blacklisting many more domains, then I reinstalled AdBlocker.

After that adventure, I went to the grocery store to get ground beef, an onion, a head of garlic, and some muenster cheese. I had already purchased the disposable aluminum foil pans. Put everything together – yay, for saving bread crusts – and tossed them, the recipe yielded two loaves, in the smoker.

The Laird brought in the mail and, lo and behold, there were my temperature probes! One of which promptly got stuck in a meatloaf, which was 87 degrees (in a 250 degree heat). About an hour later, I checked on them. At 185, they could have been done, but they were swimming in grease and only the top looked smoked.

Poured the grease into a can, flipped the loaves over onto a cookie sheet, then put it back in the smoker for another hour while I finished up some work stuff. They looked much better. It tasted good, too. A couple of hours later, it still smells delicious.

The “smoked” flavor is a bit weak. This is my first use of the mesquite pellets, so it may be that hickory is more oomphy. It could also have been the first hour in a too small pan; it was bigger than the loaf, but not a lot bigger. The latter is probably why it tastes a bit greasy; the grease had nowhere to drain off. It could use a bit of salt. The recipe calls for a tablespoon of rub; I used a “steakhouse chop” seasoning. It was the only premade thing on hand that didn’t have garlic in it – I had minced six cloves of garlic into it, already. It is wonderfully moist for a meatloaf, but has no bark. Perhaps a bit hotter, next time, too.

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