Train of Thought otd

I’m making “of the day” public. It’s been an in-joke for a while. It started as “Quote of the Day” then expanded to take in whatever weirdness caught my attention. So, train of thought of the day…

I’m sitting in the hot tub drinking a beer while it’s snowing. Big fluffy flakes drifting slowly down. The view is Rockwellian – other than being across a parking lot. I look up and see them drifting slowly down through the skeletal branches of the elms along the property line. I think to myself, I think, “this is beautiful”. Then I notice that, looking up, they are dark grey flakes against a lighter grey background and think, “this looks like ash falling.” Then I think, “there’s a crematorium across the alley.” I decide not to look up, but rather out where the pretty white flakes are serenely drifting down in the gloaming light.

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