Every Eatery

I have a new goal: Eat at every eatery in Rapid City. That would be impossible in Denver, but I think it might be doable, here. This first post is backfill.


There is a Perkins a few blocks from our house, so we have brunch there, occasionally. It’s just dandy – like every other Perkins in the country.

Colonial House

Right next to the Perkins is Colonial House, which is a local place on its third generation of the owner’s family. They serve a lot of what I consider to be comfort food. It’s quite good, if mostly uninspired. The desserts are excellent. This has been our default choice and most of the staff knows us. That may change, now that I want to explore more options.


Millstone is apparently a chain. There are at least two of them in Rapid City. It doesn’t look like a diner, but it could be categorized as one. They have a midwestern salad bar with two or three orange dressings, yay! The food is in the fine to good range.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is sort-of across the street from one of the Millstones. It is an interesting combination of Chinese and Vietnamese. I’m not a fan of soup, so I didn’t try the pho. The Chinese we had was what I consider typical of a Chinese restaurant: tasty enough, but nothing to rave about.


It’s an Applebee’s. Reasonably good food. Certainly predictable.


I noticed today that it has reopened. They closed for the Wu Flu. I have no idea why they remained closed for so long; perhaps staffing issues. We got carry-out a couple of times. It’s a Chili’s.


The Culver’s is a bit of a hike. It’s about as far from the Colonial House as that is from our house. I hadn’t been to a Culver’s since high school. For fast food, it’s quite good. It’s different enough from the other fast food chains to make it worth the occasional visit.


I didn’t know Hardee’s still existed. There is one conveniently located between our house and just about everywhere else. I like their curly fries. The burgers are OK. I’ll occasionally grab something if I’m hungry when I drive past.

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