Denver Visit

Catching up on many missed posting days… I went back to Denver for work (way back during the last week of June). It was a very productive trip – and I got to eat much good food. Not quite what I see sitting at my desk (there is more sky since I’m sitting), but this is the view from my Denver office window:

There used to be a diner in the far/upper right corner of that big hole; the rest was parking lot.

This is the view from my home office window (same issue with “more sky from the desk”):

There’s a screen on this one – and no hired window-washers to keep it clean.

While cityscapes are not my favorite view, I do think I’ve taken a step down; literally, several hundred of them, since the Denver office is on the 15th floor and my home office is currently in a basement (not to mention 2000 feet of altitude difference). If the remodeling is ever done, it will be moving upstairs.

I didn’t do much other than work. On the day I arrived, Sunday 26 June, Pridefest was still going. I went out and rocked in front of giant speakers – in my best “don’t get noticed by security” airport clothes. Anyone who thinks gay people have fashion sense has not been to a Pride event. Perhaps the fashion police all got the day off.

I flew for the first time in ages. There were no issues – or masks. The security line at the Rapid City airport was much shorter than Denver’s, but it also only had one scanner, so it took about half the time. 30 minutes – based on a sample size of one – seems an ample time allowance.

I didn’t notice any altitude issues. Walking up stairs did not leave me short of breath. Drinking seemed normal. It was drier than here, but not a lot. Apparently, 3000 feet to 5000 feet is not a big jump. I wonder where the cutoff(s) is(are). Do people have issues here at 3000 feet when coming from sea level?

The good food does come at a price. I went for lunch at Apple Blossom (it’s new since I left). I had an excellent lamb bolognaise (thank you, spellcheck) with an interesting slice of PB&J cake for desert. $40, with tip. That’s a bit much for lunch, but it was really good.

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