BCM8450UC Travails

I have a very simple question: I plug in the coffee maker and instead of turning on, a light flashes. What does that mean? Apparently, not even the Internet knows.

I didn’t buy it through Amazon, but this is the machine. I’m not quite ready to blame the seller, Fischer Furniture, but the time is nearing. If you cannot support the thing, why are you selling it? Am I too old for that to be anything other than rhetorical?

There are two problems, which may actually be one problem. First, the symptom:

That’s the beast from the outside

When you turn it on from the inside, that light behind the dispenser is just supposed to sit there and be lit. It flashes, very slowly. The next step is to press the power button on the outside (in the upper left). That does nothing (other than make a faint beep). I make the rash assumption that the pulsing light is some sort of indicator of why that does nothing.

There are lots of removable pieces/parts inside: Drip tray, grounds catcher, water tank, bean hopper, grinder, etc… The second problem is the grinder:

Close-up of the grinder

To slide that red bar to “unlock”, the notch in the circle must be aligned with the bar. It’s not. As far as I can tell, there is nothing there to push under the “PUSH HERE” text. I tried – not-so gently – pushing in the slot with a screw driver. Nothing happened. I tried turning that circle, thinking it may be an axle-ish sort of thing. With not-so-light pressure, nothing happened.

Apparently, service manuals for these things are trade secrets, written by German monks in isolated monasteries. The Intertubes have nothing. There’s a reddit user looking for the same thing, a parts diagram at two different appliance repair sites, but no service manual.

The current status is that we are waiting for Bosch to replace it. A refund is one option, but since we had a cabinet custom built for it, it would not be the preferred option.

Update: Note that even a manual in German auto-translated might be helpful. My ceiling fan came with instructions such as this:

4. followed by hanging tube cup sleeve, connector, cover, electrical wire hanging across the tube inserted into the join together again, make two holes with hanging tube fitting two holes are aligned, wear the bars.

It’s so close to actually making sense. The seasonal adjustments are also fun:

Spring and autumn

Temperatures are moderate, Ougan sultry ceiling fan set downdraft forward (clockwise) generated when the makes people cool.

Summer and winter are even more fun, but they’re long and I don’t want to retype them.

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