Washing Dishes

It’s been years since I’ve had a working dishwasher. I’m finding it very handy. When your stuff is in boxes in a garage for a year, it gets dirty. Sending load after load through the automatic dish washer beats the heck out of washing everything by hand. Some notes on the experience.

It’s a baby 18″ wide dishwasher (small kitchen). It works like a champ. The top rack comes out so tall things (e.g. standard plates) can be washed. It’s a modern dishwasher, so it runs forever, but the Express setting is only 30 minutes and works fine for getting off dust and bugs.

What kind of dishes do Germans have?!?! The tines on the rack are very close together (less than 2cm). NOTHING fits between them. Even plates are too thick. I’m thinking that I’m going to bend every other one flat; if some snap off, oh well.

Or I could just let nature take its course; they’re not long for this world.

Apparently, red glass is no longer red glass. It’s clear glass with a non-dishwasher-safe, red film over it.

And I liked that vase!

There is a silverware (“cutlery” – one does not put silver in the dishwasher) drawer at the top of the dishwasher. It’s AWESOME. Much better than a basket on the bottom that takes up space. It’s great for things like lids, too.

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