Last night, we ate upstairs for the first time because the grill ran out of gas and we decided to broil the steak in the little new oven, which worked great – and I baked bread in it, today, which worked OK. Not the point of this post.

There was no cutlery upstairs. I decided to attempt to find that box. After a few not-cutlery boxes, I did. We have so much stuff! We’re planning to rent the downstairs apartment (in which we are now living) furnished. That’s not going to be a problem. After removing 10 pieces of everything – including fish forks – for us and separating another six for the downstairs “good cutlery” (we’re leaving what we’re using now down there for “every day” use) there was still overflow into storage.

I’m keeping six of everything upstairs because that’s how many we can seat, now. I’m putting another six of “nice” stuff downstairs because that’s how many the downstairs table can seat, if one puts both leaves in the table. Everything left over goes into translucent tubs with an inventory list on the outside. Stuff breaks and there are plenty of replacements just waiting. So far, only two tubs are filled, but we still haven’t found the salad plates, salad bowls, soup bowls, or red plates. I’ve been avoiding the barware boxes.

Will we ever use the six sake cups – let alone the additional four in storage? It seems doubtful. Maybe a “finish your drink and throw the glass into the fire pit” party…

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