Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXV

Pullman Pan

I got tired of my bread having weird shaped tops, so I bought a Pullman pan. You can see the problem: How do you know that loaf is ready to bake? You cannot even tell there is bread in the pan.

My “new” technique (after the last one turned out two-third height) is to wait until the dough starts squeezing out the sides. However, while I was taking this picture, I could feel the dough against the top of the pan, so I baked it.

And there we are: Nice hexahedronal (is too a word, Mr. Spellcheck) bread.

The new large oven has a proof setting, which, while not a make-or-break feature, is very handy. I just turn it up to 425 and set a 25 minute timer. Turns out great. The small oven (aka microwave that also bakes) doesn’t do very well at 425 (at least 35 minutes) and as long as the big one is on for proofing, might as well just keep using it.

It should be cool enough to slice, now, and I want a sandwich!

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