Let There Be Carpet!

Only the bathroom floor is still unfinished. I don’t seem to have taken “before” pictures of the bedrooms, but here are the “after” pictures. The office to be:

The white/unpainted spot is because there will be a wallpaper mural there. I need to size the wall. That should have been done before the floor, but I didn’t get to it.

The bedroom to be:

We replaced the baseboards, trim, and door (not shown). We added the coves (“crown” moulding is curved up onto the ceiling; “cove” moulding is upside-down baseboard) and a closet door (not shown). I also patched the cracks in the walls. One of the few things I’ve done myself. They’re probably going to re-crack and $5000/room is just way too much for a couple days of work.

You may notice that the coves don’t reach the ceiling. That’s because there are LED strip lights hiding up there:

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