Getting Ready 2 Move – 1

I doubt (very, very much) that anyone cares, but posting about it gives me an incentive to do something every day. Today’s completed task: Get boxes. We bought the U-Haul 4+ bedroom master Pak moving kit. It’s expensive, but it’s a lot of stuff and one can return what is not used. Tomorrow’s goals: FixContinue reading “Getting Ready 2 Move – 1”

Grandma’s Bowls

Being up unexpectedly early, I thought I would play around with Python and Pulsar, but apparently I need more coffee for that. Instead, I’ll tell another equipment story… First, this is a different grandmother: Rita not Erna (terminology aside, they were sisters). Throughout several years of grade school, Rita made bread for my peanut butterContinue reading “Grandma’s Bowls”

Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XIII

I’m cheating this time: I found a box of cupcake mix in the pantry (a gift from Gali, a couple years ago), so I’m making that. Instead of Williams-Sonoma recipe, I’m making a Williams-Sonoma product. The “recipe” is quite simple: 2 eggs1/2 cup milk1 package Vanilla Cupcake Mix (included)8 Tbl (1 stick) cold unsalted butter,Continue reading “Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XIII”

Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XII

I’m tired of cakes, for now, so how about some cookies? The first five cookie recipes in grandma’s cookbook required things I do not have (raisins, buttermilk, oatmeal, baker’s ammonia). Sixth time is the charm, or not. There is a reason for “mise en place un”: I’m out of sour cream, too. What’s up withContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XII”

Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XI

Only final pictures, since this is the same recipe as last time, aside from three changes: Added two more tablespoons of flour, baked at 360, and I didn’t use the bands around the pans. It’s better: I think the bands improve things; they bake more evenly. That is approximately how they were positioned in theContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake, from Scratch – XI”