No More 100 Watt Nostalgia

It’s about time! LEDs have finally broken the 100 watt light bulb nostalgia barrier. The lights over the workbench are, quite literally, brighter than the sun. You can see shadows in sunlight coming in the window. I said, “Blinding, brilliant, glossy, high-tech lab white”. Six gallons of Velspar Base 2 later, that has been achieved.Continue reading “No More 100 Watt Nostalgia”

Unit Alpha – Garage 1

The Laird decided upon the “Unit Alpha” terminology. I agree that it is much superior to “Apt. A” or “Unit A”. Due to the lack of contractor availability, I’m playing contractor, yet again. I decided to start with the garage – how hard can that be, right? Let’s start with the tennis ball. It’s importantContinue reading “Unit Alpha – Garage 1”