Getting Ready 2 Move – 1

I doubt (very, very much) that anyone cares, but posting about it gives me an incentive to do something every day.

Today’s completed task: Get boxes. We bought the U-Haul 4+ bedroom master Pak moving kit. It’s expensive, but it’s a lot of stuff and one can return what is not used.

Tomorrow’s goals: Fix zones 2 and 5 of the sprinkler system and replace the broken “pull the door closed” thing on the front storm door. While at Home Depot, check the price of doors.

Background: We’re getting out of Denver, CO for a variety of reasons. For an equally diverse, but entirely different, set of reasons we have decided on Rapid City, SD. Right this minute, we are missing out on a property that we would really like because we’re not ready to get out of here. To avoid having procrastination cause future problems, we’ve stop procrastinating.

Game Night is counting down. At most, tomorrow is the pre-penultimate party. After almost 240 – the first Saturday of every month for about 20 years – of them, a tradition is ending.

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