Gardening 2

Let’s call the Seeds Arrived post “Gardening 1” and press on. I realized that I should be taking more garden pictures because the spring bulbs will not be visible to the new owners and it will be helpful for them to know what is where.

This is the front on 05 April:

The snow was not kind to the daffodils this year; normally that front part is almost filled with them.

Unfortunately, I waited until today to take the next one so the orange and yellow tulips – “around the mailbox” is as good a description as any – have no picture. The front on 02 May:

I pulled a few dandelions, but it is mostly dense enough to take care of itself.

And the progress of the seedlings (two weeks more until “safe” planting time):

The germination rate on the tomatoes (front left) was not great, but that was two-year-old seed.

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