Not “That Guy”

This is the first post in the “tech” category – and I’m being bad and writing it during working hours (because I want the link to the category, which requires a post, for a coworker), so I’ll be brief.

I realized that I’m becoming “that guy” from my younger days. Back in the 1980s (very, very late 1980s – really!!), I had very little sympathy for the COBOL programmers complaining that they were being left behind. I said – both to myself and anyone else unfortunate enough to be around – that if one didn’t want to be left behind, it was up to ones own self to stay up to date.

Here we are 40 years later and I’m looking around asking “what’s Node.js?”, “what’s the point of Docker?”, “why does my bank want my phone number?” I’m in danger of becoming “that guy” – if I’m not already. I shall fix that and make notes here.

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