It was a bit annoying to get all the networks renamed and re-passworded, but it’s done. We have: StarLink623, MainLink623, and LegacyLink623.

Interestingly, everything connected to the Starlink network. The Centurylink router has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios and each has a different name (Legacy and Main, respectively). Some things do not see the 5G network, but they connected to the Starlink network just fine. I think it has better software that hides both radios behind the same name.

I seem to have been correct about the Starlink router being brainless. They admit it has no UI, yet. To change the name, I had to reset to factory default and connect, which forces a rename and password update. I was trying to do that via putty from the Windows box but losing the internet connection also made Windows disconnect the internal putty session. That necessitated pulling out the cabling I had put away, yesterday, to get a monitor back on the Pi. After that, all proceeded smoothly.

Pandora cut out quickly. Mike’s iPad didn’t lose its music. He was wondering what was eating all its drive space; now we know: It’s not streaming the music, it’s downloading it.

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