The garage project was patching the crumbling brick near the floor on one wall. It was half tuck-pointing, half stuccoing. Quickcrete sells (via Knecht Ace [corporate really needs to work on that site]) handy little buckets of mortar. Since I didn’t expect to be mortaring ever again, all my equipment is in the Denver landfill, so a bucket was handy. The grill spatula worked just fine as a trowel. In an “as long as” frenzy, we also picked up the trim paint (Rustoleum Black, Red, and Silver) and the garage floor pre-painting cleaner with a scrubbing, squeegeeing broom thing to cover with the toxic chemicals then dispose of.

The computer project was firing up the NAS. Over a decade ago, I bought a NAS to store our ripped CD collection. It has been sitting unpowered for most of the time since. Along the way, I lost the power supply. I stopped at Chris Supply last Friday – about five minutes before they closed. It was going to be a complicated “figure it out and order it” transaction, so I let them get started on their Labor Day weekend. I returned today and, lo and behold, they found something that worked. It’s fired up and the obsolete firmware version of Windows Media Server is working. I’m not having any luck with accessing the file system directly. Next up: How to access a Windows Workgroup SMB server from Windows 10. I just want to copy the files to something that isn’t 15 year-old spinning rust. Cygwin and wget are looking appealing; the NAS does FTP, too.

One thought on “Restoration

  1. After some searching of the Intertubes, the magic phrase is “SMB v1”. This is so insecure that Windows 10 automatically uninstalls it on reboot if you turn it on. I turned it on, grabbed 10 years of ripped CD files, and turned it off. I think I’m going to just throw it away. It’s 500GB of spinning rust. I copied it onto a 2TB USB drive.


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