Pork Chops

This was supposed to be a garage post with a pork chop aside. Instead, it’s the other way around because I’m not confident the garage floor is dry enough to paint, so there’s not much to say on that front. The original plan was to put down the floor coating (it’s not exactly paint) while the pork chops were smoking.

I wanted to start with something simple. The All Recipes smoked pork chops looked simple. [Their print function ROCKS. It reformats the page and drops all the extraneous stuff so it looks nice.]

Iodized salt and marjoram substituted for kosher salt and oregano.

Two hours later, we ate them. Sorry, but no after picture. They were cut Safeway “thick”, not smoking thick, so two hours was a bit long and the rub was a bit much. I’ll keep the latter in mind, next time. I ordered the temperature probes, so the former will not be a problem, again.

Oh, speaking of ordering things: Buckets and LEDs.

There is a bucket under the control panel pictured above. That lid is covering a hopper for wood pellets. When one is done, there a lever that one pulls that dumps the hopper into the bucket so the unused pellets can be stored in a dry location (such as a bucket). There are lots of different wood pellets (hickory, apple, maple, mesquite, etc…). It would be handy to have more buckets. When ordering the temperature probes, I noticed that Oklahoma Joe’s also sells buckets. $11 seems a bit much for a plastic bucket. But, congratulations to Oklahoma Joe’s for getting buckets made and branded with no manufacturer’s information on them, whatsoever. That is an Oklahoma Joe’s bucket and no one else’s. So, I went to Amazon looking for buckets. Amazon search is less than precise, but I found six white buckets. Buying generic and in bulk is cheaper, right? Buy Now with One Click has a downside: They are not actually cheaper. But, they are white and they’re on the way.

The LED update is much shorter: I bought a string of them. Hopefully, the floor will be painted before they arrive on Tuesday – but I can hear the wind blowing dirt over the garage floor as I type this. If it has to be washed again, the LEDs will get here first.

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