4 for 40 @ 400

The worst of both worlds, I think. Four small steaks, about a half-inch thick, smoked for 40 minutes at 400 degrees. They were not quite jerky, but definitely dry and well done. The small amount of fat on them was yummy.

The six pork chops were a bit thinner and were in for two hours at 230. I didn’t want to wait two hours, so I raised the temperature. I’m also experimenting, so I used the smoker side of the grill, rather than just slapping them on the gas side, which starts around 600 degrees on low.

I want to buy another package of the same steaks and try two of them at 230 for 60 minutes and two with the usual sear-and-flip on the gas side to compare. I also want to find something fatty; that may be key.

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