Garage Floor Lies

I’m still irritated when marketing materials lie to me, but it is so frequent that it no longer makes me angry. Instructions that lie, on the other hand, piss me off.

Instead of just painting the garage floor, Rustoleum’s RockSolid coating caught my eye.

  • 80 fl. Oz. Kit Cover up to 100-125 Sq. Ft
  • 2 Kits needed for 1 Car Garage

For certainly definitions of “up to”, no doubt. This is two kits and approximately 140 sq feet:

The small vertical mark on the left is 12.5 feet in and it’s under 11 feet wide.

It looks shiny, I’ll grant you that. It’s mostly a camera artifact; it looks horrible IRL. Note the “gritty” texture on the right – and of course the bare concrete at the bottom, which continues under my feet. That vertical mark is strip of painter’s tape at the halfway point. So, about two more to get a single coat down. Did I mention that the two kits were over $300?

Looking straight down at it from just outside the garage door.

The white splotches on the right are drips from painting the walls – not much caring about drips was one of the points of doing the walls first. The dark spot is some random stain on the floor. The grey shimmery bit to the left of it is more of what I expected, everywhere.

It may work better – “fine” even – on perfectly smooth, brand new, interior concrete, BUT IT DOESN’T SAY THAT. It’s shit on old concrete. Do NOT buy it. If I could remove it and paint, I would. There is no way paint will stick to that shiny surface, so I’m screwed.

The local Knecht Ace can get their hands on three more kits in this color, relatively quickly (a week). My plan is to use one kit to very thinly coat the rest of the floor, let that dry, then use two to give the whole thing a second coat. I really hope this stuff sticks to itself – that glossy finish makes me very nervous.

My expectation is that will result in a very ugly, peeling up within the year $750 garage floor. There is no way that stuff is coming up neatly, so the only option will be to double-down and buy even more of the gunk to get a slightly ugly, peeling up within the year $1200 garage floor. Stay tuned for next week’s update.

Update: I’ve declared victory (with an “after” picture).

7 thoughts on “Garage Floor Lies

  1. Looking at it the next day, I will admit that $1200 version may look spiffy. I’m still worried about “delamination” of the layers. I’ll check Lowes and Fleet Farm for this stuff, tonight.


  2. I found three more of these “kits” at Fleet Farm. I’ll use two to finish the first coat. After the three on-order show up, I’ll do all four at once as the second coat. Hopefully, that will be happy. I have some good feedback on other Rustoleum products, so I’m more hopeful.


  3. Picked up the reserved three from Knecht Ace. Hopefully, it will be nice this weekend and we can finish this. Four down at once should create the thick, glossy, metallic coat promised.

    Note that “this” is not “the garage”; we’re still looking at new doors and the chaser light concept is running into issues.


  4. This stuff is PERMANENT!!! Be very careful when cleaning up and disposing of things. We set one of the empty bags on the floor and some dripped out, creating a mound of goo that’s going to need to be chiseled and sanded off. We put the used roller in an empty bag in a box, but missed the empty bag and it was just in the box. The stuff oozed through the cardboard and glued the box to the floor. Not quite sure what I’m going to do about that. I can’t even peel the box off the floor – the cardboard has been plasticized.


  5. Looking at the finished floor, I thought to myself I thought, “if it were free, I’d put down another coat.” Then I reconsidered. It’s plenty good enough for a garage floor. If it were an interior floor (e.g. basement rec room), I would probably even pay for two more to tidy things up (e.g. the cut-ins are noticeable).


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