Alpha Unit – Breezeway

“Unit A” became “Unit Alpha” has become “Alpha Unit”. I’m working on a unit patch, but I suck at digital art, so it’s taking a while. Meanwhile, the breezeway is the next remodeling target. It’s an odd space. It’s the entrance to the house with the screen door a mere 12 feet from the actual door. It’s easier to show than to tell.

Looking in from the open screen door

The only “prep” is that the florescent light fixture has been taken down (hence the bulbs on the floor in the back right and the wire dangling from the ceiling). The door to the right opens into the garage. At the end of the hall, there is a door to the left that opens into the living room. This is a giant “airlock” aka “breezeway”. It’s actually uglier than that not-so-flattering picture might lead you to believe.

The goal here is cozy and welcoming while remaining outside-y, since it is an unheated space. We’re going for a covered bridge look, if covered bridges were made of brick. We’ll tile the walls with brick veneer and create a vaulted pine ceiling with dangling Edison lights between the trusses. A plank floor with some festive rugs will round it out.

The weather has definitely turned, but it is not yet too cold to work here, although the lack of sun does make long sleeves a good idea. The goal is to get the brickwork done in two passes: Everything without cuts then rent a tile saw and finish.

The first step is to get the roof “support” beams in as the brick zero point/line. That hit a snag in that the walls don’t seem to be nail-able; they’re stucco at least an inch deep. Liquid Nails will work, but we haven’t had the chance, yet. First I was sick, now The Laird is. It will require both of us.

Update: I forgot the floor plan; this one’s the elevations because I needed to calculate how much brick to buy.

Yes, the window at the end is that screwy.

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