Splicing LED Strips

I ordered yet another set of these. This time Bluetooth LED Lights Strips 32.8ft with APP Control, Music Sync Waterproof Flexible RGB Color Changing LED Strips Lights for Bedroom Room,LED Neon Tap. I knew I didn’t want Bluetooth, but that is much cheaper than WiFi and I really wanted the “waterproof” strips to splice into the other waterproof set.

This didn’t go well. Those are four wire. The other two sets are three wire, despite one’s four-pin connectors. I had ordered (and received) four wire extension cable and connectors based on those four-pin connectors. This was a mistake – although it will work with that Bluetooth stuff, which I may sneak underneath The Laird’s new Jeep so extension cabling and connectors might be handy. I then ordered (and received) three-pin connectors. This sort of works.

First, we need a better way of identifying these things. For lack of anything better, they will be:

  1. The first one I bought: four-pin, three-wire, WiFi, round controller, waterproof.
  2. The second one I bought: three-pin, three-wire, WiFi, daisy chain controller.
  3. The third one I bought: four-pin, four-wire, Bluetooth, waterproof.

I tried:

  • Plugging #1 strips into #2’s controller. This broke the strip. But, I figured “diodes, how far can it have burned out?” so I chopped two sections off the front and tried:
  • Appending it to the end of the other #1 strip. This kind-of worked. The last foot or so behaved oddly (e.g. not turning off; staying a single color).
  • Appending it to the end of a #2 strip. This did not work at all.
  • Appending a #2 strip to the end of another #2 strip. This worked fine.
  • Splicing the to-the-box connector back on. This did not work.
  • Putting it back at the end. This did not work fine. Discovered these solder-free, pressure connectors are persnickety and got this working, again.
  • Tried splicing to-the-box connector back on, persnickedly. Still didn’t work.

I believe I want another set of #2, because I want four indoor strips for the garage and I seem to have somewhat broken one, a waterproof set of three-wire strips that can be appended, and a spool of three-wire extension cable. Assuming I can even find that, there is an aesthetic problem: The chasing is backward – it will be going outof, not into, the garage. Oh, and that controller only seems to work with its own app: Magic Home.

This stuff is way overly complicated. I still think it’s cheap, considering the number of chips involved, but there are limits to how much extra I want laying about.

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