Pulsar Up

I have no idea if it is working and I’m going to bed before trying to find out. It is started.

Three VMs each with a ZooKeeper, BookKeeper, and Broker running on them. Once I get it tested, I’m definitely arranging this properly and putting it on github. This should not have been so difficult.

On the network front, my IP addresses changed ( and swapped). I figured out where they are coming from: My router’s DHCP server. I have it configured to only allocate but with the whole subnet masked ( or /24, however you want to look at it). This means I can grab static addresses in the top half; .223, .224, and .225 seem easy to update configuration files with. I’ll do that, tomorrow.

You can configure a DNS server for Docker to use with the docker run command using the admittedly obvious --dns option. I have one on the firewall (running Pi Hole), which is on the other side of that router. I could add names there. I’m considering a “utility” VM for that sort of thing. First, static IPs; then I’ll worry about names. And Kubernetes is lurking out there. I need to find out how it deals with cross-VM networking before getting too carried away.

BTW: The Pulsar logo is a vector graphic and Gimp just handled it. That was nice.

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