BIND doesn’t seem to have a logo, so I picked this. On the off chance anyone sees it, I picked a watermarked picture in the hopes of not running into copyright issues. Aside from the clever name, it’s an interesting site.

My virtual machines now have names (and static IPs) and can see each other by them. This was actually quite easy, thanks to a fedingo post. They can also see the Internet, which is convenient because I guessed about how to do that.

Tip: When editing the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg file, don’t make typos in IP addresses.

Tip: Only configure one reverse lookup; more are useless.

Next up: Reconfigure the existing configuration files to use these names – especially since the IPs have all changed.

BTW: I’m up to five VMs: ops, stack1, stack2, stack3, and dev (all .cluster.dev). The resource requirements are getting a bit out of hand. I thought I could cut ops.cluster.dev down, but then read the Elasticsearch requirements. I’m writing all this down and will test the instructions by throwing it all away and rebuilding it. At that time, the machines will shrink to 2 CPUs (it’s a Thread-Ripper, that should imply 4; I should find out), 8GB, and 80GB.

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