Pulsar Up, Again

While baking cookies, I rewrote the broker scripts for the DNS changes. On the bright side, I never updated them to cluster.dev, so it was straight from IPs to cluster.test.

I was confused about why the Bookies had port 6650 mapped when it could not be configured. Turns out, that is a Broker port that was in the wrong docker run command. That’s what I get from copy/paste without understanding what I’m doing. All better, now.

Have I mentioned from whence my start on this came? Regardless, I owe many thanks to “rudh24” (aka Anirudh Sarma) for his github upload. That’s the closest I found to what I wanted and it provided a great template for how to get all this to hang together.

After downloading yet more stuff, I automated all the setup documented, so far. I won’t know if it works until I wipe everything and start over.

I tried for Prometheus. Mixed bag, there. Good news: The Bookies and Brokers are monitored. Bad news: The node_exporter is not working and it’s not at all obvious why. I wonder if localhost works… It does. Not getting sucked into this. Bed time, again.

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