Cassandra Up, Again

A three node, three rack, one data center Cassandra cluster is running! It has a few configuration values that require IP addresses, yuck!

All the cluster software is up! What’s left?

  • Install the Docker monitor for Prometheus (cAdvisor).
  • Install BLEK.
  • Cross-reference build scripts against written instructions.
  • Throw it all away and rebuild from scratch.
  • Make the github repository public.

Then, of course, there is actually using it, which is the end goal of this exercise. It’s been a great learning experience and I don’t regret spending the time on it, but it is all infrastructure, not anything personal.

Changed the VM size to 4 CPUs and 12GBs (and cleaned up the dashboard).

Everything has units, now.

The metrics chop off because changing the VM configuration did very strange things to the time series, so I erased it all.

It’s still not bed time!

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