Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch

Pancakes count, right?

I made Good Old Fashioned Pancakes (and I’m sad I’ve lost allrecipes.com, but auto-play video is unacceptable). I substituted egg nog for milk.

The reason the post makes the Learning 2 Bake title is: Much as with cookies, viscosity is a key property of pancake batter! Although in reverse: One wants very thick cookie dough, but quite thin pancake batter.

One wants pancake batter that pours, albeit somewhat slowly. Pan/griddle temperature is also related: Too hot and thick pancakes will not cook through before burning; too cool and they don’t toast.

I’m very much looking forward to the gas stove and having the use of my griddle back. I did use one of grandma’s mixing bowls; I have fond memories of her and pancakes.

No picture because I was hungry and just made them without taking the time for photography.

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