Boots, Broncs, Breads

I forgot to post this. It was a busy weekend.

On Friday, I dug out the boot polishing stuff and did my – in dire need of – boots. I was trying to convince my dance instructor to improve his poor shoes before a competition. It worked.

On Saturday, The Laird and I went to the stock show. In the afternoon we just browsed. Well, mostly browsed. The Flag Pole Farm guy was there so we bought a new mount (we took the flag pole from the Denver house). There was a Cutco guy there, so I bought replacements for the lost paring and bread knives. (The paring knife I understand losing; I was using it as a tool. But, how does one lose a bread knife?!?) That was about it. In the evening we went to see the bronco riding. I have no idea how the scoring works. Anyone who managed to stay on was a winner in my eyes. I had no idea horses could jump straight up. You know how to make an exciting rodeo event dull? Time it for television and insert filler while the commercial breaks are playing. We left early.

On Sunday, I retried the bread recipe with a half-batch in a regular bread pan. Success! It’s exactly the bread I’ve been looking for. Of course, real success is repeatability. We’ll see.

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