WTFM: Printing Address Labels

Write The Manual. Creating mailing labels from the Groundhog’s Day spreadsheet is an adventure, every year. I’ll probably never do it again with Open Office, but here’s how: Create the purpose-and-date specific spreadsheet Download it (Google Doc becomes Downloads\groundhogs.xlsx) Open with Open Office (becomes groundhogs.ods) Save it somewhere (e.g. Documents\GroundHogs\2021Move) Delete the Downloads version ConvertContinue reading “WTFM: Printing Address Labels”

Flies – I may be overthinking this

Denver doesn’t have bugs. That is one the things Mike & I both liked about it. There are insects, but they tend to crawl around and generally leave one alone. There are not many bothersome insects that “bug” one. Rapid City has flies. Not at the “plague of locusts” level, but they’re around and theyContinue reading “Flies – I may be overthinking this”

Grandma’s Bowls – Back in Rapid City

Seems as good a place to post the update as any other… Grandma’s Bowls are back in Rapid City – along with us, of course. The two that have seedlings in them in the picture at the linked post had full grown, harvestable dill and parsley in them before we left Denver. However, I hadContinue reading “Grandma’s Bowls – Back in Rapid City”

We has Wildlifes

Nambi, Pambi [the “b”-word shall not be mentioned due to omnipresent Disney lawyers] and their Mom walked up the alley this morning. We also have a few of Peter’s [that’s safe; Ms. Potter’ estate has no lawyers to speak of] relatives, but everyone has rabbits. Here’s why I’m surprised by deer: Update: Embedded Map Success!Continue reading “We has Wildlifes”