Dear Abby

Abby, our dance instructor, said that she expected hot tub pictures. I told her they would be blogged. Then I realized that there is nothing here about dancing. So, let’s start the dance category with some questions for Abby.

Dear Abby,
My partner keeps stepping on my foot during the last step of the waltz inside turn. Whose fault is this?

Dear Abby,
What is the lead for the foxtrot zig-zag? I keep missing it.

Dear Abby,
We keep learning turns in the group classes then I forget them. How does one do the foxtrot promenade turn? How does one do that tango promenade leader turn? Are they the same turn?

Dear Abby,
What is the last step of the rhumba cross-over turn? We keep falling out of step.

Anyone else notice a pattern here?

Photo by Marko Zirdum from Pexels

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