Me Casa es Su Kasa

My goodness but [expletives deleted] lightbulbs are snoopy! The Kasa “smart” lightbulbs want to know everything about you to upload into the Kasa cloud app, which of course requires setting up an account. Want to guess my password? Hint: It’s the title of this post.

Thankfully, once you get them WiFi-ed, you don’t need use the phone app any longer. It was a bit unhappy that the home automation network cannot reach the internet (which is why you knowing my Kasa password will not do you any good), but it completed the installation, nonetheless. Allowing the app to access my phone’s location (seriously?!?!) didn’t do it any good since it couldn’t report back.

And speaking of phone apps, what’s up with every single device requiring its own app? Who puts up with this crap? I don’t want an app for my garage door, another app for my switches, an other app for my lightbulbs, and yet another for motion detectors. This is insane. I guess non-techy people buy all the same brand?

In any case, I’ve got the Phillips Hue bridge and lights connected to openHAB. Very simple. Highly recommended for setup (I haven’t used them much, yet, so no recommendation there). The Kasa lightbulbs are also connected to openHAB. Much less simple, but not too bad – other than that they changed their protocol (gotta love proprietary protocols) so this technique no longer works.

I have a sensor, and the Z-wave hub to connect it, on-order. Z-wave comes recommended, so I’m optimistic it will not be hellish.

Starting to write automation scripts (the Blockly “language” is very cool, but severely limited; I’ll be learning Javascript – yay, computer language #32!), I realized that “turn lights on/turn lights off” is not very useful. I already knew that needing an app (phone or computer) to do it was not convenient. The sensor will do motion (it’s on/off not a continuum, which is unfortunate because catz) and light level, so I can trigger on motion and calculate brightness. If it works, moar sensorz!

Next up: The Merkury lightbulbs and then the dreadful LED strips. Looking at the picture, maybe Fenris is next. I hate my vacuum requiring the internet (and I don’t much care for the vacuum, either – it’s horrible).

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