Metal Tango

I’m looking for some metal-styled tango music. Unfortunately, there is an actual piece called “Metal Tango” – and another “Heavy Tango” – that skews the search results. I haven’t found “the” one, yet, but here are some interesting ones:

The third track, if it doesn’t start there. A bit bland, but non-traditional and one wouldn’t need to worry about falling out-of-step with it.

That’s Metal Tango. I like it, but if there are going to be vocals, I would prefer male.

Por Una Cabeza is, apparently, the tango from Scent of a Woman and True Lies; it’s a popular one to remake:

A bit too much “just” distorted guitar, which I don’t much care for.

I like that one much better, but the transitions would require much, much practice.

Libertango is another popular one, but it’s LONG.

I like this one, but I couldn’t dance to the guitar line with that drum beat distracting me.

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