Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XXVI

Poppy Seed Pastries

I had no particular desire for poppy seed pastries, but they were requested by The Crochet Group, so why not?

Same ol’ pastry recipe. That’s getting routine. I made a full batch and did the rollout by halves, as instructed. This works great for a thinner pastry on my tiny counter space – not to mention keeping half of it cold.

I picked a new site – AllRecipes having angered me with their auto-play videos that add no value – for a poppy seed filling. I made it without raisins. It’s not bad; I just don’t much care for poppy seeds. With all the honey, they were baklava-esque.

I actually measured the cuts to get the same sized pastries. I was trying for what the ones in the front look like. As you can see, most of them unfolded.

There was enough scrap dough left over, that I made another batch using orange marmalade as the filling. I just happened to have a half jar in the refrigerator and this used it up. They also unfolded. I liked the orange ones much better.

The goal here was something that was cookie sized, not pop-tart sized. That worked, but the filling leaked out (parchment paper to the rescue) and they’re ugly. I’ll try a different form factor, next time.

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