And One to Grow On

The Laird got me 24 roses for our 23rd anniversary. He’s the romantical one.

We went out for dinner at Prive (with an accent, because every marketing director wants one to misspell the name of his restaurant).

That’s a very reflective window. Hi, me!

We had a Mushroom Avignon (whatever that is) as an appetizer. It was excellent, although the sauce did make the crostini a bit soggy, but that’s what forks are for. I was going to order the Beef Stroganoff, but The Laird wanted that, so I got the Wild Boar Bolognese. I think I came out ahead. Both were good, but the stroganoff was a bit bland. I’m pretty sure the pasta made on-the-spot. It was definitely not the average packaged pasta.

I’ve got to learn to make bolognese.

This is our second anniversary in Rapid City. Last year, we went to The Vertex, which is on the top of Hotel Alex. This was better food, but the view from the tallest building in Rapid City (all of ten stories) was much better. The atmosphere is a tie. Prive is very trendily contemporary while Vertex, like the hotel, is deco. Both were nearly empty; apparently very few people go out to eat on Mondays. The private alcove at Vertex would probably have seemed nicer had the place been full of people.

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