Right-wing Extremist

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, as reported by NPR, as seen on Twitter (none of which are linked because they all need to die and sending ad-revenue generating eyeballs to them doesn’t help with the bankruptcy process), the Gadson flag is a symbol of right-wing extremism. Therefore:

I had to wait ten minutes for the gust of wind that pushed them out

I can’t believe I found it. It was, like most of what I own, packed in a box somewhere in the garage. It just happened to be a well-labeled, which is rare, box near the front.

Update: Oh goody, I’m not only a right-wing, but also a violent extremist:

Wouldn’t I have more friends if I were in a militia?

But I’m not criticizing the recent FBI action because that will get me, um, actioned:

FBI To Begin Raiding Homes Of Those Who Criticize FBI Raid

Thus spake The Prophet Bee.

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