Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXI.25

Offset Spatula

I have a lazy susan that I think will do nicely for turning a cake. I did not have an offset spatula. If you look back on this series, you will note a number of frosted cakes. I have been wanting one. So, with a new kitchen nearing completion, why not?

“I bet Walmart has them, and I forgot eggs, yesterday,” I thought to myself, I thought. “But, I’d rather support that neat kitchen store, let’s go there.” Well, I got the offset spatula, as you can see, but I also spent $400 – and I didn’t even get a Dutch oven.

I couldn’t remember if I have 8-inch or 9-inch pans, so I didn’t buy any parchment paper rounds (which I have in bulk – in a box, in the garage). I also resisted the silicone cake pans. I did succumb to a refillable parchment paper dispenser. I do not like Reynold’s brand parchment paper. It’s expensive, the roll is way too short, it doesn’t cut well – and it burns at high temperature (450+); it didn’t literally start on fire, but it was crispy black and set off the smoke alarm. The Laird wanted a map-of-South-Dakota cutting board. The expensive thing was one of those “stand on me all day” mats; it’s the same dark blue as the counter tops and I want something to cover up the ever-so-lovely (/font=”sarcasm”) floor.

I’m not sure if that is “mission creep” or “impulse purchase”. On the bright side, I walked to Safeway to get the eggs. I also found that Safeway sells PBR in 24oz cans. I think that one of those is counteracting any health benefit of walking to the store.

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