A trip to the hardware store:

  • Another Craftsman battery (we only had the one that came with the weed-whacker).
  • Fine sandpaper for the orbital sander to sand the end and coffee tables.
  • Stain to (semi) match the stools for the end and coffee tables.
  • Forgot another can of John Deere Green spray paint (for my desk).

Lunch at Pancheros. Somehow, they managed to overfill my burrito. It didn’t matter since we were eating there, but their tortilla press could be used as a drop forge so it’s somewhat amazing that it is possible to overfill one. Very yummy fast Mexican food.

As long as we were in the area, I picked up another set of hot tub filters. It recently yelled at me to change them. I just pressure sprayed the old ones clean – and they definitely needed it. It’s good to have a spare set and its not as if they are going to get any cheaper.

Chocolate cake ingredients need to come out of the refrigerator, then back to work!

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