Annoying Computer Shtuff

Microsoft decided that I must upgrade to Windows 11. The joy overwhelms me.

  • My wireless headset stopped working. It’s there in the list of audio devices, but it doesn’t work.
  • My wireless NICs disappeared (in neither settings nor ipconfig). I had a spare cable and an open port on the router, so I’m wired, now. This also broke all my VMs, which were bridging to the WiFi.
  • Browsers suddenly started forbidding copy and “view source” due to the DMCA; not all pages, just some, so there must be a meta tag somewhere. This is insanely stupid – see “wget”.
  • There are all sorts of “you want to type this next” things popping up, which are very rarely what I actually want to type.
  • The task bar must now be on the bottom. I had put in on the side on purpose.
  • The start menu is “new laptop preinstall” worthy. It threw away my list of programs (not “apps”) that I use and filled it with junk I never, ever want to see. Now I need to dig through the “installed programs” thing and get rid of all that junk.
  • The AMD performance penalty is real. To be fair, it may be an Intel performance penalty, too. VMs are human-noticeably slower to start – and presumably slower running, too. It’s not my computer. A 4GHz 16/32 core Threadripper should be able to handle starting a VM off SSDs while I hold my breath – and it did, yesterday.

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