The Narrative Be Framed

Good Country People, subtitled “America is far more complex than the hollow sentimentalism of its blind champions or the chaotic cynicism of its perpetual detractors”, is dreadful. It pretends to be an apologetic for conservatives, but it just reinforces the Leftist narratives that the Right are blind cheerleaders and America sucks. With friends like these…

Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXI.75

Oreo Cake As you can see, I did it. I’m very pleased with the result. Why is this better? This is my first recipe by weight with a scale. I have to think that’s a factor. There’s a big height difference between an eight-inch and a nine-inch pan. My cake is shorter than the videoContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake from Scratch – XXXI.75”

Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XXX

Boule After the semi-failed poolish attempt, I decided to follow the recipe (well, mostly). Since one of Brian’s commenters (Joseph) typed it up, here it is: INGREDIENTS POOLISH150g or roughly 1 cup of flour150g or roughly 2/3cup of water (room temp)1 small pinch yeast Let the poolish ripen on the counter 4-24 hours, preferably atContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XXX”

Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XXIX

Poolish Poolish is a pre-bread mixture of flour, water, sugar, and yeast that one allows to grow a bit (e.g. overnight) before making bread. I’d never heard of it until I saw it on a YouTube video. Rather than attempting a new recipe, I thought I’d give it a try with my known-to-work bread recipe.Continue reading “Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XXIX”