Insanity – In Space

Space (!) published an article about NASA’s DART mission by Meghan Bartels. It starts off fine, with a description of the mission and its historic first-ness. The factual section ends with: It’s just one rock, just a small change. Just to reduce the odds that we humans go the way of the dinosaurs. But DART’sContinue reading “Insanity – In Space”

Kantai Kessen

A brilliant (if one believes it) analysis of the 2020 election and aftermath: The Left attempted decisive victory (“Kantai Kessen” is approximately “Decisive Victory Doctrine”) and instead got a Pyrrhic victory (if you don’t know the origin of that phrase, follow the link; it’s interesting). It’s one of those articles that seems so reasonable thatContinue reading “Kantai Kessen”