Pi Hole

It’s supposedly very simple. I like Patrick’s site: Rapberry Tips. It’s a bit self-promotional, but, hey, he’s providing value so expecting something for that seems fair. The subtitle of the post is “Free Ad Blocker in 15min”. The timer starts at 1848!

Step 0: Be sure the work VPN is disconnected. It intercepts the subnet I chose. I’ll change it when I get a “clear” one from our network admins.

First question: “Chose an interface…” For WHAT? Presumably the one receiving the DNS requests, so eth0 it is.

Next one: Do you want to use your current network settings as a static address? But the one it lists is from wlan0, not eth0. I think. Another putty window for ifconfig… Yeppers. I think “no”… I set the static IP to the eth0 IP.

Side note: It’s installing a ton of stuff for the web interface. I find it very strange that this is all going on an SD card. I bought a couple of extras so I could replace this thing’s brains without breaking a previously working version.

Oh. I’ll remember this: Your Admin Webpage login password is redacted. DNS (http://pi.hole/admin) didn’t work, but the IP did and it didn’t ask me for a password. Login is its own thing. I’ve already had 74 DNS requests!

Oh – it easily met the 15 minute time. It’s 1904 and I’ve been chatting away for a while already.

It seems to do DHCP, too. Great. I’ve got four of them, now. What could go wrong? Still looking for “change password”… Set administrator email address; that might matter. Can’t find “change password”. Redacted it above, but it’s written down 😦 The admin interface is pretty spiffy (other than missing password change, which makes me think I’m missing it, not the UI). It says “hostname: raspberrypi”. That doesn’t work in a URL, either.

It seems to be working. We’ll see what happens…

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