Size Matters

With all the useless documents involved in buying and selling real-estate, why isn’t a basic floor plan required? I spent the weekend measuring and drawing. I’ve realized that my orientation is very relative (e.g. left/right) not absolute (e.g. north/south). The lot plan is north-up by accident. I started with the back of the house, which runs east/west. The top floor floor plan is west-up. I started by walking in the kitchen’s back door (bottom of the drawing) and measuring my way through. The breezeway elevation is arranged so that the fiddly measurements are next to each other; it feels as if I unfolded the room in the wrong order, but whatever.

I found a hidden room/secret passage: There is a foot between the kitchen and bathroom walls – even taking into account the thickness of both.

I don’t see much point in posting them because they would be too small to read.

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