This Is Conservative?

There is a new brouhaha between Kristi Noem and Matt Walsh. I stumbled upon that via The Laird mentioning Patriot Post having a video about it.

Republican legislature in South Dakota have crafted a bill, the COVID-19 Vaccine Freedom of Conscious Act, to stop employers from forcing their workers to get the COVID vaccine. Kristi Noem is refusing to sign it. She argues that employees who don’t want to be vaccinated can just go work somewhere else. If you don’t want to inject this substance into your body, go get a new job, she says.

Matt Walsh

O Mendacity, I battle thee with syllogisms

It is very difficult to object on principle to people banning people by banning them. It turns the entire exercise into one of raw political power. I don’t see how this is not obvious to the most casual observer. Problem: I object to group B banning members of group C. Solution: I, as group A, am going to ban members of group B. Huh? What?

  • Group B: Idiotic (either useful or otherwise) employers
  • Group C: The unvaccinated (leaving aside it’s not a vaccine).
  • Group A: The South Dakota government

Denying that the argument to NOT ban is principled flies in the face of the obvious. This mendacity continues in…

And thy literalism with generous interpretation

Also as she stated on Wed, if she dictates vaccine policy to business, Joe Biden can do the same. Now, this is a bizarre argument as it suggests that the President of the United States is looking to the governor of South Dakota for guidance or as a precedent . The President of the United States, like true a Democrat, doesn’t even look to the Constitution … he simply does what he wants.

Matt Walsh

This is clearly a purposeful misinterpretation of the word “can”. I don’t disagree with Mr. Walsh’s disparagement of Democrats. Clearly, they “can” do far more than they ought. However, a more charitable, and I believe accurate, interpretation would be the implied – and possibly even cut (this brouhaha also involves many out-of-context quotes) – conclusion to that quote: “Joe Biden can do the same, without any legitimate objection.”

Harken unto the aggrieved

…engaging in a debate about the proper role of government and how it isn’t conservative to tell people how to do business…

Kristi Noem (Twitter, may it die a fiery death)

I’m always pleased when others agree with my perspective!

For She hast embraced Critical Theory

How about the full quote (as much as Twitter can be said to have full quotes):

Instead of engaging in a debate about the proper role of government and how it isn’t conservative to tell people how to do business, @MattWAlshBlog stooped to horrible misogyny.

Kristi Noem (Twitter, may it die a fiery death)

Let’s play Democrat and attack our opponent with an accusation of witchcraft racism homophobia ah, got it: sexism.

And thus They are Reconciled in Marxism

“This is difference between Democrats and feckless Republicans: Democrats use the power they have been granted and they seize additional power.”

Matt Walsh

This is the conservative side?

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