The old computer had no USB-C port and didn’t have the gumption to do VR, anyway. I’ve got both Oculus and Steam up and running. The USB-C cable that comes with the Oculus is WAY too short. I’ll look for one when I go looking for mono-to-RCA cables and a UPS at Chris’s (support local business), later today. Or not. Getting the URL, I noticed that they are not open on Saturdays. A task for next week.

The Laird suggested running a cable across the ceiling to an anchor point near the middle and attaching one of those retracting keychains to it so one can move about in the headset without getting tangled in the cord. It seems worth trying, but I’ll need a long cable.

I haven’t _done_ anything with either, yet, but both work. Just testing it raised the CPU temp by 10 degrees and created quite a bit of fan noise. What’s up with 5 GIGAbyte installations? Each of them. I thought a terabyte of SSD storage was lot. Starlink bandwidth is not all that great, but “only” 50Mbs average isn’t awful. Until I started downloading multi-gigabyte installers, I hadn’t noticed.

Which reminds me of another weekend project: Get the Starlink cable properly routed and attached so the electrician can drill the hole through the wall on Thursday and I can finally fully close my office window – it’s getting cold outside.

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